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Check Hpi Free access vehicle data from various sources, some used by the police to check vehicles when they are stopped.

All vehicle history records are registered to the vehicle registration number issued by DVLA when first purchased.

Occasionally when doing the basic free vehicle check, you may discover discrepancies in the recorded detail.

In most cases, this will be due to a previous owner failing to report the change to DVLA in order to update their records.

Should you discover any discrepancy, notify DVLA immediately so that their records can be updated.

In the meantime, do not purchase the vehicle until DVLA have rectified the error or informed you that there is no problem proceeding with your purchase.

There may be far more serious reasons for DVLA not to have the updated information, so ALWAYS do a car check before agreeing to buy ANY vehicle!

It is an offence not to notify DVLA of any changes to the vehicle as this can affect the insurance cost and potentially cause a failure to identify the vehicle correctly.

If you purchase a vehicle that has had it's engine replaced for instance and the cubic capacity is greater than the original, in the event of an accident, your insurance company may refuse to pay a claim.

If the color has been changed, in the event of an accident, it could delay the police in identifying the vehicle.

Although in most cases discrepancies are down to previous owners failing to notify DVLA at the time of the change, by doing a full Check Hpi Free vehicle check you can help towards preventing not only fraud, but save yourself future costs by ensuring the vehicle is legitimate.

Check Hpi Free provide unlimited number plate checks. We provide information on any used UK vehicle that has been issued with a registration number by the DVLA. If you are considering buying a vehicle and looking at various cars, you can do as many free car checks as you wish. By simply entering your chosen registration number into the number plate check box below, within seconds you will have confirmation of the identity of the vehicle from DVLA records. 

Hpi is the term most commonly used when referring to a full, detailed car history check.Hpi Check Free are not associated with HPI Limited and only use the term 'hpi' as a reference to the type of check commonly referred to in the motor trade. This vehicle check informs you of vehicle data such as mileage check information to avoid buying a used vehicle that has been clocked and stolen vehicle records to avoid buying a stolen car. However, nobody is presently offering to provide an Hpi check free, only the basic car identity checks are free.
Check below to see if your vehicle has any adverse history

If you require further information, we can provide all known vehicle history quickly and economically in a full, online report which is also emailed to you.  

To verify any UK vehicle history, enter a registration below


More in-depth car data, car history including such history as previous insurance claims, outstanding finance, mileage records etc, is charged at different rates and each package with various companies tends to contain a selection of various car data so it is important to be sure you are retrieving the car data that you specifically require.

At Check Hpi Free, we try to direct you to where you will get the most car data for the lowest price.

Basic checks will confirm the recorded mileage, whether the car has been reported stolen or whether it has been subject to an insurance claim.

A more intensive car data check will reveal if it has outstanding finance on it, whether it has been written off, scrapped had number plate changes or colour changes etc

Prices vary from £4.00 to over £20.00 so it is best to research the deal that offers the most information for the least cost and 
Check Hpi Free does just that.

We search 24/7 to find the best online car check. 

Not all car check online deals are down to cost. Sometimes we see an offer for a low cost car check online that when purchased, only provides minimal car history data, so it is important to verify the amount of vehicle data you are getting for your money and that is it the correct car data you actually require.

Our present deal is offering quality vehicle data at a competitive rate. 

The information is clear, precise and the site is easy to navigate. Any vehicle check can be done, from a car check to a lorry check or a motorbike check to a van check with a full report returned online and by email.

For £2.99 Check Hpi Free presently consider this to be the best car check online for the price.

A premium car check from £2.99 that carries out a stolen car check, a write-off check, a scrap car check and many other checks.

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