Welcome to Check HPI free! Check details of any used UK vehicle. Check information stored on the DVLA database on all UK registered cars. Other motoring related organisations and finance houses that hold car data such as VOSA and the Police National Computer also searched for adverse car history

When you enter a registration number below, we will verify the identity against the DVLA database, this is where ALL vehicle details are recorded from first registration. This will include verification of the car color, car make and model and date of first registration.

An HPI check is done to verify a vehicles identity, confirm the information stored with the DVLA matches the visual inspection and ensure there is no adverse history recorded that could affect the value or safety of it. We provide a totally free vehicle identity check which should be used initially when considering the purchase of any used UK car.

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Many issues arise when you buy a car privately, you run the risk of it being recorded as stolen, previously written off or scrapped or having unpaid debt recorded against it that could later be reclaimed, resulting in you yourself being liable to repay the amount due.

To check hpi free, you will discover the more in depth checks do attract a charge to cover the cost of retrieving important data but this is as low as just £2.99 and will report major information you will need to ensure the vehicle you are buying is genuine.

With thousands of cars we check every year turning out to be stolen, previously written off or scrapped and even having their mileage tampered with to give the impression that it is in a far better condition than it is, checking the hpi should be your first consideration when you are making a decision to purchase any used UK vehicle.

Did you know that when you are buying a used car from a private buyer, without a car check to view all the recorded details, you stand the risk of buying a vehicle that could be unsafe, un-roadworthy, subject to outstanding finance, been previously subject to accident damage or had the mileage altered. It could even have been stolen and even though you may be given the registration document, this does not guarantee ownership. All these points lead to you potentially purchasing a vehicle that will be worth far less than the price you pay. A Check Hpi Free van check or car check offer can help you to avoid all this with very little time and cost involved.

We have seen many cases of cars that have been subject to an online car check and have returned information that had the purchaser completed on the deal, the vehicle would have been seriously undervalued or even unsafe. We have seen cars repossessed because the buyer had not done a car check online to verify whether anyone else held a claim to the title of the vehicle.

Our recommended Premium check provider is presently offering a full online car check with instant results for just

Why even take the risk of buying a car with adverse history when you can not only get a free vehicle identity check online but a low cost, full car check with an intensive vehicle history you can view online and emailed to you?


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